DGX & Zhengzhou SPACE CLUB to create the brilliancy

2 years preparation, 50 million RMB investment, Zhengzhou SPACE CLUB just want to create a club which can call back passion. Vist Spain, Korea, USA just want to create a club which can be suitable for Central Plains. Globally top grade nightlife trend the most influential music element just want to build a top entertainment brand. Respect for party by music, Light the carnival by cheer.

About Us

DGX is a high-tech enterprise which gather LED related product R&D, design, manufacture and installation, 8 years creative stage visual production and innovation experience make DGX as  leader brand in LED Supplier of entertainment market.

As a leader brand of creative LED display in entertainment industry, DGX own keen entertainment sensibility, new and vigorous product, technology and cutting-edge design concept to provide customers a real customized LED display solution, lots of domestic classic cases witness DGX’s professional and quality, high-efficient and attentive service win customer’s approval and praise.

DGX Creative Products

【5-star DJ booth】

Five 3D 5-stars mutually staggered to make a 5-star DJ booth.If a single one represents astar,the five 5-stars works together will be like the milky way.The darker,the brighter,the shining stars in the night will be a colorful wonder.

【Battleship DJ booth】

“Battleship”is inspired by the spacecraft, its cool shape gives people a strong visual impact. It combines entertainment and concept of the future, As a new concept of product in 2016, “Battleship” carries DGX’s persistent creative and determination to lead future of entertainment.

【DGX Football LED Display】