DGX prolight + sound exhibition in Frankurt

It’s been more than half of this year by now,we would like to review the Germany trip of DGX in this April.

The German Economy is the Largest in Europe and Germany is also a founding member of the European Union.We come to Frankfurt which is German and European most important center of commercial, finance service,and transportation in April.

The prolight+sound exhibition lasted for 4 days,had attracted lot’s of excellent lighting and sound exhibitors all over the world. DGX presented the latest led products and technology to the world ,we also grasped the development trend of global led products and created more business opportunities.

All staff participated actively in the booth construction in advance ,held the idea that “quality first,service first” to bring a safety and comfortable environment to the clients.

DGX brought the most advanced technology and international products to the world.

With the development of the times,the competition is increasing gradually,due to the entertainment form is out of date,most of night clubs runs difficultly.It can’t meet the young people’s interests and tastes of entertainment if only by personalized decoration or high quality sound .They more like something like cool,and can present the dynamic or static scene at real-time with abundant colors,perfect dynamic video effect. The visual impact of stage art has become more and more important to catch customer’s attention for night club.” future,technology” will become another name of the new generation night clubs.Led display solution and vj video effect will be the core performance of the “future and technology”.


DGX always struggle for the above aspects,provide professional stage and led display solutions,vj video effect for night club ,theater,concert and so on,to make a real customized-design.

“Battleship” is inspired by the spacecraft, it’s cool shape gives people a strong visual impact . It combines entertainment and concept of the future . As a new concept of product in 2016.“battleship”carries DGX’s persistent creative and determination to lead future of entertainment.The product has been listed for half a year, has been a lot of customer demand.

案例:Tianjin Le-Chic Club

Customizable 3D Video Material,Lock Catch Structure/Simple And Rlegant, Simple/ Fast/ Easy assembling and maintenance, High Density 62500 dots/㎡, Seamless connection.

Five 3D 5-stars mutually staggered to make a 5-star DJ booth.If a single one represents a“star”,the five 5-stars works together will be like the milky way.The darker,the brighter,the shining stars in the night will be a colorful wonder.

案例:Fujian Star Factory

Customizable 3D Video Material,Lock Catch Structure/Simple And Rlegant, Simple/ Fast/ Easy assembling and maintenance, High Density 62500 dots/㎡, Seamless connection.

Diamond DJ Booth, one of the classical led dj booth ,it’s concise and symmetrical structure, unique design, simple and luxurious appearance that shows the noble of the diamond. It is designed specially for high top night clubs, and is a masterpiece of DGX to pursue the excellent quality products.

案例:Kenya B Club

Customizable 3D Video Material,Seamless connection,Simple/ Fast/ Easy assembling and maintenance.


DGX since it’s inception ,adhering the “Morality, Broadness, Integrity”enterprise culture constantly grow. Holding the idea that quality ,innovation and service come first ,Our professional team plans the company’s future development with international and strategic insight,and resolves to promote the development of LED industry in China.