DGX New Release and Merchants Conference

Zhuji City, the town party committee secretary - Zhang Ying, Zhuji City People's Government Deputy Mayor - Zhu Hongwei have addressed, they represent the Zhuji Municipal People's Government to DGX as the representative of a group of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, expressed the earnest expectations, firm and unshakable to take science and technology innovation as the core lead, deepen the main innovation, talent innovation, system innovation, in depth to promote science, technology and talent to city development of strategy.

After the speech, DGX R & D team chief engineer - Wang Changsheng, R & D engineers Xiong Haijun, Wang Wenhao and so on to unveil the mystery of new products, this conference signal DU series LED small distance display, GF series before the maintenance of LED high-definition outdoor Screen, RO / RI series LED rental screen, etc., by DGX independent research and development with a number of independent intellectual property rights widely applicable to all types of high-end display applications, the new LED display products officially come out.